Import Schedule from a CSV File

Note: This function is only available to members with manager access. This feature will allow you to import your team’s schedule from a CSV file (comma delimited). Import can add games (league, tournament, friendlies) or non-game events such as training, meetings and others. Import File Format You can import a […]

Transaction Log

Transaction log lists all transactions (team fees applied, payments or charges) for each member of the team. You can use the search boxes to find previous entered transactions. Transaction list Grid show all transactions for each member, so each member can easily see what is charged and what payments he/she […]

Member Balance

Note: This function is only available to members with manager access. Coaches and team managers can easily check each members balance by visiting the [Member Balance] at the [Payments] menu. Page show the balance for each team member grouped by: Active Players Active non-players Deactivated members (if any) Deleted members […]

Team Fees

Note: This function is only available to members with manager access. Team fees are dues coaches or team managers pay for various team events or expenses, such as league or tournament fees, trainer payments, etc. Team fees can also be dues owned to a club or organization, such as registration, […]

Will my data be shared?

Have you ever registered on a site and then started receiving emails from other sources? We hate it when that happens. With TeamTracky, we’ll NEVER share your data with anyone, period. Your data is secure with us.

How secure is my data?

We take the security and privacy of your data extremely seriously. All data is transferred encrypted and is stored securely on Microsoft Azure database servers. Currently data is stored only in American data centers. Please, never upload documents or enter sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit card or […]

What does the “Remember me” checkbox do?

If you don’t want to reenter your login credentials every time you login into TeamTracky, you can check the “Remember me” checkbox in the login page. This action will create a cookie on your browser and will remember you every time you visit TeamTracky so you don’t have to re-enter […]

I forgot my login credentials

If you forget your password, visit the TeamTracky site and at the login page, click the link to reset it. In the form that appears, enter the email you used on TeamTracky and click the [Submit] button to receive instructions on how to reset it. If you forget the email […]

Team Messages

Communication is the key for any team. Team managers and coaches need to notify team members on various occasions, such as when new events are added to the team’s schedule, as reminders for team members to set their availability for games or practices, to give information regarding last-minute event cancellations […]