Change an existing event

Note: This function is only available to members with manager access. To change existing event information, you must open the Event Info page for the specific event. You can do this in any of the following ways: At the team home page, click the event’s name in the UPCOMING SCHEDULE […]

Import League Schedule

At TeamTracky we try to make it easier for team managers and coaches to manage their teams and spend less time doing so. Adding games to a team’s schedule one by one is a time-consuming job. To make this process as painless as possible, we are partnering with major league […]

Create a new game/event

Note: This function is only available to members with manager access. To create a new game or event, you can either select [Schedule] from the main menu and click [Add Event] or hover your mouse on any day at the schedule’s calendar and click the [Add Game/Event] link. In the […]

What kind of events can I add to my team’s schedule?

An event on TeamTracky will be one of the following event types: Game Training Meeting Other All event types require: Title (what is happening) Date and time (when it happens) Location (where it happens) Games require extra fields such as: Game type (League, Tournament, Friendly or Other) Opposing team All […]

Events Schedule

The Schedule Page is the heart of TeamTracky and the focus point for all team members because it contains the team’s events. To access the Schedule Page, select [Schedule] at the main menu and click the [Calendar/List] link. You can also access the schedule from the team’s home page by […]

Switching Teams

If you a member of multiple teams, TeamTracky makes it easy to switch from team to team. At the middle right of every page, you’ll see a dropdown list with all the teams of which you are a part. To switch teams, simply select one from the list. All the […]

Upload member documents

Uploading team-specific documents to TeamTracky saves you the hassle of emailing files to your coach and in return he can organize member files in one place. You can upload documents such as: Birth certificates Medical release forms Waiver forms Photos Other These files can be used by your team manager […]

How do member contacts work?

If you want other people to have access to your TeamTracky profile, you can add them as contacts. Contacts can be: Parents or other family members Trainers Friends Contacts will have their own login to TeamTracky and access to the same information as the member they belong to, such as: […]

How can I leave a team?

To leave your team, select [Team Members] from the main menu and click [My Profile]; or click your name at the top right corner of the screen and select [My Profile] from the list. Click the [Edit] button at the right of the Profile section. Scroll down and click the […]

How can I remove a member from my team?

Note: This function is only available to members with manager access. To remove a member from your team, select [Team Members] from the main menu, and then click on the [Members List] link. Find the member in the list and click on his/her name to open the member’s profile. Click […]