Submit Team Documents for Tournament Registrations

Avoid carry paper documents and attend in person tournament registration check-ins or email files to the organizer.

The whole process can be done online in 3 easy steps:

Login to TeamTracky at your desktop, select “Tournaments” from the menu and then click “Share Documents” .
Click the [Add New Tournament] button.

1)  Select a tournament from a list of affiliated organizers

Select your state, then select an affiliated tournament from the list.

Finally, select your age group.

2) Build your roster

Click the {Select Players} button and add the players who will join the tournament.

If you have guest players, click the [Add Guest] button and fill his/her info at the form that appears next. You can add or remove players or guests at any time.

3) Select which team and member files to share

Check which team of member files you want to share with the tournament organizer from the two lists which show all the existing team or member files you or your team members previously uploaded. You can add new team or member files on the spot at any time.

Upload member birth certificates, medical release forms and other documents ONCE and use for many tournaments.

Optionally fill the Step 4 details to send an email to the tournament organizer.

Click the [Submit Tournament Documents] button and your documents are ready to be shared with the tournament organizers. You can change any info after submitting by loading the tournament and perform steps 2 and 3 again.


Only the affiliated tournament organizer will be able to view the files you are sharing via a secure, login protected portal.
Documents will be shared until the day after the tournament ends; tournament organizer won’t be able to able to see your team files after that day.

If, at any time, you want to stop sharing your documents, open the tournament and click the [Stop Sharing Documents] button. if you want to share documents again, you have to follow the steps above again.

Never share documents that contain sensitive, private data.