I received an invitation to join a team on TeamTracky. What’s next?

Welcome to TeamTracky!

TeamTracky helps with management of your team members, schedule, attendance, payments and communications with an all-in-one, user-friendly solution on desktop and mobile devices.

What you can do with TeamTracky

  • Manage your member profile
    • Contact info such as email address(es), phone number(s), mail address(es), etc., are only visible to team managers, not the rest of the team members.
    • Contacts who can access your profile on your behalf can also be hidden.
    • Upload a photo.
  • Check team schedules on your desktop and mobile devices
    • View events for a single team or multiple teams on a single calendar and get a full picture of what’s coming.
    • Synchronize calendars with Gmail or Outlook.
    • Get field directions on the go with our mobile app.
  • Team attendance
    • Set your availability for team events (games, training sessions, meetings, etc.).
    • Enter time off dates such as vacations, etc., so your coach knows when you aren’t available.
  • Team communications
    • Receive email messages or mobile notifications when new events are added or any time your coach needs to communicate with you.
    • Don’t miss another important team update (last minute cancellations, etc.) by using the TeamTracky mobile app and receiving notifications right away.
  • Team Fees & Payments
    • Check your balance of team dues owned.
    • See a full transaction log of every team fee, payment or charge your coach or team manager applies to you.
  • Upload documents
    • Upload commonly used documents such as birth certificates, waiver forms needed for team registration for tournaments or leagues (all documents are securely stored).
    • No need to email the same waiver form to the coach over and over!