How can I remove a member from my team?

Note: This function is only available to members with manager access.

To remove a member from your team, select [Team Members] from the main menu, and then click on the [Members List] link.

Find the member in the list and click on his/her name to open the member’s profile.
Click the [Edit] button at the right of the Profile section.

Scroll down and click the [Delete Member] button at the left bottom section.

To quickly remove multiple members, click [Members] in the menu, then [Copy/Move/Delete Members].
A list of your team’s members will appear.
To delete a member, simply select the appropriate action at the “Operation” column and lick the [Go] button.
Even after you delete a member though, you can still view his/her attendance and balance if any.
Also, any photos uploaded by the member will remain in your team.

Note: This action can’t be undone.
If there’s a chance the member may join the team in the future, you can deactivate it instead of deleting.
To do so, click the [Deactivate] button on top of the [Delete Member] one. Member won’t appear at the attendance tab, and he won’t receive team notifications and updates until he is activated again.