How can I update my member profile?

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To update your profile, select [Team Members] from the main menu and click [My Profile] or click your name at the top right corner of the screen and select [My Profile] from the list.

Your member’s profile is organized in these sections:

  • Profile
  • Contacts
  • Documents


This section contains all your contact information such as email address(es), phone number(s) and mail address(es) that are useful to the team manager and coaches so they can communicate with you when needed.  Other information include: birth date and gender.

Click the [Edit] button at the right of the Profile section and update any field you wish to change in the form that appears.

Email Address

Your email address is used to log you into TeamTracky; if you change it, you’ll receive an email to verify it.

Contact Info Privacy
Email address(es), phone numbers and mail address(es) can optionally be set to be visible only to managers and hidden from other members of the team.

Phone Numbers

To add a new phone number, click the [Add phone number] button.
In the pop-up that appears, enter a label such as “Home” or “Mobile.” The actual number and select of the phone is the default one on which others will contact you. If you want your phone number to be visible only to members with manager access, click the [Visible only to managers] checkbox. Click [Save] to continue.
You can delete a previously entered phone number by clicking the delete icon to the right of it.
Click the edit icon to change it.

Track Availability
When this field is set to “No,” your name won’t appear in the attendance page and you won’t be able to set your availability for team events (default is “Yes”).

Follow these instructions to upload a photo.

Finally, click the [Save] button to save your changes.


Click at the [Contacts] tab at the left of your profile to add, edit or remove contacts.

For more information on contacts please click here.


Click at the [Documents] tab at the left of your profile to add, edit or remove your files.

To add a new document click the [Add new file] button at the right top.

Enter a title that describes the document and select its type from the list.
Click the [Browse] button and select the file on your hard drive.

Finally, click the [Save] button to upload the file.