Team Messages

Communication is the key for any team. Team managers and coaches need to inform team members on various occasions, such as when new events are added to the team’s schedule, when team members need to set their availability for games or practices, to give information regarding last-minute event cancellations, etc.

To access team messages, click [Messages] on the main menu.

Notifications List

A list of messages will appear on the left of the page, while message details such as subject, date sent, message body, recipients, and type (email or mobile) will appear on the right.

Send Notifications

Members with manager access can click the [New Notification] button to create a new message.

Click [Select Recipients] and choose the team members from the list that appears.

Enter a subject and message body, then check whether you want to send email and/or mobile notifications. Click the [Send] button to send the message.
Notifications can also be sent from other pages on TeamTracky, such as the attendance page, when a new event is created, cancelled, or deleted.

Message Alerts

Once a member logs into TeamTracky, if s/he has unread messages, a message alert will appear at the top right of the page (next to her/his photo) to remind her/him to read it.