Live Team Messaging

Chat allows team members to communicate in real time using the TeamTracky mobile app.

Chat Room Types:

Locker Room
Each team has a “Locker Room” in which all members can participate and send messages to each other.
Any message posted in this chat room is visible to any member of the team.

Event Rooms

These chat rooms are event specific and allow members to discuss a game and submit the score for others, who can’t attend the event. Only members in the event roster can participate in the chat room.
Any member can set the score live for others to see.

Other Chat Rooms
Managers can create other chat rooms on demand and invite all or some of the team members (coaches only, etc.).
Optionally, members can create their own chat room, if allowed by their coach/team manager.

Chat Notifications

Once a new chat message is posted by a chat room member, all members in the chat room will see it in real time if they have the mobile app open and visit the room.
If they close the app or lock their phone, they’ll receive a mobile notification once a new message is posted.
To avoid receiving mobile notifications on each new message, members can tap the “Mute Room” button on the chat room page.

To turn off mobile notifications for chat messages for every room, visit your member profile and turn the [Receive notifications on new chat messages] button off.

Coaches and Team Managers

If you don’t want to allow members to start their own chat rooms, log in using your browser, click [Settings], then [Team Settings], then click the [Misc. Settings] tab and set “Allow members to start chat rooms” to off.