How to set time-off dates on my schedule?

Members don’t have to set their availability for each team event during planned or unplanned absent time such as vacations, injuries, etc.

To set time off date(s), login using the desktop\tablet version, select [Attendance] from the main menu and click the [Member’s Time Off] link.

On the Time Off page, click the [Add Time-off Date(s)] button.

In the form that appears enter the following fields:

  • Date From and Date To
    Enter a single date or a range of dates you’ll be off.
  • Time From and Time To
    If you aren’t available for a specific time range, enter it in the above fields.
    If you are taking off the whole day, mark the [All Day] checkbox.
  • Notes
    Enter anything you want to communicate to the team manager or coach about your absence.

Click the [Save] button to save your changes.

Availability Settings

Once a new time-off record is created, your availability for any new event created that falls between the time-off dates will automatically set your availability as “Not Available.”

Edit/Delete a time-off record

To change a previously entered time-off record, click at the little pencil button at the right of the grid, and follow the same steps as above.

To delete a record, click at the little recycle bin button.